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Golf Events & Info

Mixed Indoor League ... conducted by ClubEG T&L Mixed Indoor League

Ottawa-Gatineau's best indoor golf league!
The Mixed Indoor Golf League is a great way to keep the swing in shape over the winter, and an opportunity to stay connected with friends and win great prizes. Click here to register as either a social or competitive player.
2019 Leaderboard
March 27, 2019
NOTE: Total Points are based on Top-8 Point Scoring Rounds
Pos Name PTS GP
1 Greg McLean 178 13
2 Bob Irvine 172 13
3 Bob Cousineau 167 12
4 Chris Pouliot 160 11
5 Jack Egan 159 14
6 Jean Pilon 156 10
7 Sylvianne Poulin 152 11
8 Dan Bergeron 149 11
9 Louis Sauve 144 13
10 Ryan Gillespie 139 13
11 Colin Kearney 138 12
12 Maureen Virtue 135 12
13 Gered Cuerrier 130 10
14 Ted Ward 127 11
15 Gerry Tapp 120 12
16 John Massia 113 14
17 Mark Thorenton 111 11
18 Marc Servant 93 10
19 Christine Schnellert 89 8
20 Kevin McCauseland 37 3
21 Janet Thomas 22 2
22 Sarah Sharpe 19 2
23 James Ryan 18 2
24 Darren McCartney 17 1
25 Jordon Tilley 15 1
26 Donna Sianchuk 10 1
27 Gabriel Louli 8 1
28 Stephane Gauthier 7 1

Join the league!

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Give the league a shot!

You can sign up as a group or with a partner if you prefer to keep things more social and spend time with friends.

Each Monday, you can send an email with the names in the group that you have pre-arranged; otherwise, you will be assigned to a group loosely based on skill and variety.

What is "indoor golf"?

It's about as close to real golf as you can get. You play with your own clubs and balls and actually hit the ball into a video screen (called a simulator), whether it's a drive, a long iron, an approach or bunker shot, a chip or a putt.

Where is it?


  • $27 for ClubEG Members
  • $21 for ClubEG Unlimited Members
  • $33 for guests (everyone is welcome!)
  • Plus taxes


The league runs for 15 weeks starting with the pre-season event:

Mixed Indoor League
League Overview

All league events are coordinated by ClubEG. It's a pay-and-play-as-you-go indoor league. When you register for our event update list, we'll notify you of upcoming events and you simply sign up for whichever particular event you want to participate in.

Thank you prize sponsors!

  • Groups will be mixed up each week and all requests will be accommodated on a first come first served basis
  • Onsite coordinator will accommodate all grouping requests as best as possible
  • Max of 8 strokes per hole
  • 10' gimmies at GOLFOMAX
  • Score sheet to be completed by the group and turned in to the Onsite Coordinator


  • Points for attendance, performance and luck
  • Your TOP 10 rounds will count, so no worries if you have a bad week... we'll take the points from your best 10 rounds played
  • Top three in League Standings at the end of the season win prizes
  • Courses will vary... let us know your favourite!

Performance Points

Here's how you acquire points:

  • 9-hole win within each foursome = 1 point per 9
  • Beat your overall indoor scoring average = 1 point
  • Birdie or Better on selected par 5s = 1 point
  • Fairway hit from tee on selected par 4s = 1 point
  • Closest-to-the-pin on all par 3s = 1 point each green
  • Hitting green from tee on all par 3s = 1 point each green
  • Eagles = 3 points
  • Hole-in-One = 5 points
  • Hole out from off the green = 2 points
  • Long putts sunk (points range from 1 - 4 depending on distance)
  • Longest sunk putt of the day = 2 points
  • Shortest sunk putt of the day = 2 points
  • Pace of Play = 2 points (i.e. under 3 hours for 4some)
  • Show up = 1 point for each 9

Cancellation Policy

To cancel your reservations without penalty, please make the cancellation before 11am Monday, the day prior to the event, as we need to confirm the number of players with GOLFOMAX by that time.

If you must cancel after this time then there will be a cancellation fee of 50%. No-shows are subject to full charge. If GOLFOMAX is closed for any reason, you will not be charged for your reservation.

Our policy is in place so that reservations are not cancelled at the last minute, unnecessarily, using up spots that could be used by other members. We understand the need to cancel sometimes so we’re just requesting that it be done in a timely fashion. This way, GOLFOMAX has the chance to book other groups if simulators become available and it helps us sort out the groups in advance.

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