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Club Champions

Andy Rajhathy Andy Rajhathy (Open)
72-77-76 (225)
Eric Smith Eric Smith (A)
79-86-81 (246)
Luci Leblanc Luci Leblanc
85-86-81 (252)
Lindsay Pasch Lindsay Pasch (B)
83-82-84 (249)
Rick Turner Rick Turner (C)
88-88-99 (275)
Sang Rye Lee Sang Rye Lee
(Ladies C)
91-89-89 (269)
Ken Fogalin Ken Fogalin (D)
97-98-95 (290)
Sylvianne Poulin Sylvianne Poulin
(Ladies D)
102-96-93 (291)
Craig Domville Craig Domville (Senior)
78-78-75 (231)
Don Miller Don Miller
(Super Senior)
79-82-83 (244)
Ricky Coulombe Ricky Coulombe (Open)
71-83-81 (235)
Bryan Shepherd Bryan Shepherd (A)
84-75-79 (238)
Shari Johnson Shari Johnson
84-84-87 (255)
Peter Tremblay Peter Tremblay (B)
78-81-84 (243)
Lindsay Pasch Lindsay Pasch (C)
90-82-86 (258)
Marie Lusson Marie Lusson
(Ladies C)
86-89-89 (264)
Yves Levergneux Yves Levergneux (D)
95-99-96 (290)
Heejung Yang Heejung Yang
(Ladies D)
91-97-95 (283)
Craig Domville Craig Domville (Senior)
71-75-78 (224)
Bernard Ng Bernard Ng
(Super Senior)
80-75-87 (242)
Ricky Coulombe Ricky Coulombe (Open)
72-80-74 (226)
David Windsor David Windsor (A)
81-86-83 (250)
Shari Johnson Shari Johnson
81-87-77 (245)
Mike Therien Mike Therien (B)
83-87-83 (253)
Grant Thompson Grant Thompson (C)
94-86-83 (263)
Marie Lusson Marie Lusson
(Ladies C)
106-98-91 (295)
Yves Levergneux Yves Levergneux (D)
94-95-102 (291)
Brenda Kirwan Brenda Kirwan
(Ladies D)
97-99-102 (298)
Stan Hogan Stan Hogan (Senior)
86-81-81 (248)
Bernard Ng Bernard Ng
(Super Senior)
90-82-79 (251)


Carl Couchard Carl Bouchard (A)
82-85-84 (251)
Cheryl Hill Cheryl Hill
81-79-86 (246)
Ricky Coulombe Ricky Coulombe (Senior)
78-76-81 (235)
Bernard Ng Bernard Ng
(Super Senior)
86-83-84 (253)
Stan Horton Stan Horton (B)
81-83-80 (244)
Enock Chikukwa Enock Chickukwa (C)
92-90-90 (272)
Marie Lusson Marie Lusson
(Ladies C)
103-99-92 (294)
Garry Scott Garry Scott (D)
106-92-100 (298)
Sylvianne Poulin Sylvianne Poulin
(Ladies D)
98-108-103 (309)


Zac Wood Zac Wood (Open)
74-75-77 (226)
Craig Domville Craig Domville (A)
77-80-77 (234)
Dan Orban Dan Orban (Senior)
75-81-80 (236)
Don Wallingford Don Wallingford
(Super Senior)
84-83-88 (255)
Shari Johnson Shari Johnson
(Ladies A)
91-87-84 (262)
Haley Yerxa Haley Yerxa
(Junior Girls)
90-88-82 (260)
Dan Beaudry Dan Beaudry (B)
82-78-84 (244)
Cheryl Hill Cheryl Hill
(Ladies B)
80-87-82 (249)
Shane Saunders Shane Saunders (C)
88-91-89 (268)
Marie Lusson Marie Lusson
(Ladies C)
94-91-95 (280)
Greg McLean Greg McLean (D)
87-95-96 (278)
Alex Mizon Alex Mizon
87-81-80 (248)


Craig Domville Craig Domville (Open)
77-74-77 (228)
Kevin Baldelli Kevin Baldelli (A)
82-85-80 (247)
Ricky Coulombe Ricky Coulombe (Senior)
71-81-83 (225)
Don Wallingford Don Wallingford
(Super Senior)
93-93-92 (278)
Brian Kebic Brian Kebic (B)
79-81-90 (250)
Cheryl Hill Cheryl Hill
(Ladies B)
83-87-91 (261)
Barry Halverson Barry Halverson (C)
83-85-92 (260)
Marie Lusson Marie Lusson
(Ladies C)
104-98-100 (302)
Jim Backs Jim Backs (D)
90-100-116 (306)
Sean Leduc Sean Leduc
90-91-92 (273)


Craig Domville Craig Domville (Open)
73-75-80 (228)
Alain Roy Alain Roy (A)
79-84-85 (248)
Terry Kuzma Terry Kuzma (Senior)
81-76-84 (241)
Don Boudreau Don Boudreau
(Super Senior)
86-95-83 (264)
David Windsor David Windsor (B)
80-81-87 (248)
Sharon Windsor Sharon Windsor
(Ladies B)
89-87-89 (265)
Wayne Coyle Wayne Coyle (C)
86-92-89 (267)
Josie Greene Josie Greene
(Ladies C)
100-97-96 (293)
Robert Asselin Robert Asselin (D)
103-97-102 (302)


Mitch Dale (A)
74-77-77 (228)
Elsie Boudreau (Ladies)
82-85-91 (258)
Marie Lusson (Ladies C)
93-97-113 (303)
Gabe Louli (Senior)
77-76-74 (227)
Mike Therien Mike Therien (B)
79-80-80 (239)
Willie Klentz (C)
85-88-96 (269)
Don Boudreau
(Super Senior)
96-93-93 (282)
Steve Pomeroy (D)
92-94-105 (291)
Nolan Windsor Nolan Windsor (Junior)
78-76-85 (239)


Craig Domville Craig Domville (A)
72-74-76 (222)
Elsie Boudreau Elsie Boudreau (Ladies)
88-88-86 (262)
Terry Kuzma Terry Kuzma (Senior)
85-81-73 (239)
Mike Therien Mike Therien (B)
83-78-83 (244)
Michael Muise Michael Muise (C)
84-85-83 (252)
Tony Mandamin Tony Mandamin
(Super Senior)
106-90-88 (284)
Jeff Wang Jeff Wang (D)
97-98-97 (292)


Marty McCaffrey (A)
72-78-77 (227)
Brian Elliot (B)
80-79-80 (239)
Michel Hotte (C)
92-96-84 (272)
Gabe Louli (Senior)
76-79-77 (232)
Elsie Boudreau (Ladies)
87-97-91 (275)


Craig Domville (A)
78-80-75 (233)
Andrew Penney (B)
86-81-82 (249)
Bob Kunimoto (C)
95-92-99 (286)
Marcel Desilets (Senior)
79-81-86 (246)
Elsie Boudreau (Ladies)
96-93-94 (283)
Eric Martel (Junior)
89-82-85 (256)


Jerry Stewart (A)
79-79-79 (237)
Steve Ryan (B)
103-85-88 (276)
Karl Parks (Senior)
84-83-89 (256)
Elsie Boudreau (Ladies)
103-87-85 (285)

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Honouring Great Moments in Golf.
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Heidi Strackholder Heidi Strackholder. On August 2nd at Metcalfe while playing with the ClubEG Ladies League, Heidi Strackholder scored her first-ever hole-in-one on hole #5. Congratulations on this incredible feat!

Darrin Casey Darrin Casey. On Friday, October 13th, 2017, after being treated to a complimentary round in a powercart after his buddy, James Robinson, won a foursome through ClubEG in a TSN 1200 radio contest, Darrin made his hole-in-one on the 123-yard 3rd hole at The Marshes with his nine-iron.
The miraculous feat was witnessed by playing partners James Robinson, Dan Robinson and Joe Jordan. Not surprisingly, this ace made his golf season complete. Well done, sir!

Richard Munro Richard Munro. On October 12th, 2017 at Loch March, Richard made his first-ever ace on the triple-tiered hole #16 with his seven-iron at a distance of 143-yards. Well done, Mr. Munro!

Ben Fung Ben Fung. On September 25th at Stonebridge, Ben got his first-ever hole-in-one on the 17th-hole, with his six-iron and a Dunlop ball at a distance of 140-yards.
The miraculous feat only took Ben 17-years to achieve and he reports that he wasn't even playing very well on the back nine that day, until he finally hit a decent shot to the middle of the 17th green, which he couldn't see land due to the bright sun. Once his group arrived at the green, they checked the bunkers, the rough and everywhere, but couldn't find the ball until one of his playing partners, David, went to the hole and saw the ball resting at the bottom of the cup! His other playing partner was his long-time golf buddy and fellow ClubEG Member, Eddy Tri. Well done and good luck in your next 17-years of golf!

Hole-In-Ones (Continued)
Jean-Pierre Allard Jean-Pierre Allard. On July 26, 2017 at Nation Golf Club, JP makes his 4th career ace on the crazilly-sloped 16th hole at a distance of 120-yards. He hit a draw with his 8-iron and the ball landed 18-feet to the right, took a big arc and rolled into the cup. The miraculous feat was witnessed by head groundskeeper, Stephane Perth, who had just finished mowing the green. JP knew he hit it well but didn't know it was actually in until he heard Stephane clapping. Rumour has it that the night before, JP actually told his wife that he had a feeling he was going to get an ace the next morning. Well done, JP: we're looking forward to #5!
Kevin Bryski Kevin Bryski. On July 23, 2017 at Casselview, Kevin aced the tricky #7 with a knock-down 8-iron at a distance of 155-yards. The pin was back-centre and anyone who's familiar with the course knows that that is the toughest spot on the green as the hole is on top of a serious undulation. The hole-in-one was made with a Callaway X22 iron, a Callaway Supersoft ball and a baby draw, and the ball landed about two yards in front of the hole and rolled straight in. Witnessed by playing partners Michelle Robichaud and Steve Decker (who was treated to his first-ever live ace), Kevin was awarded a commemorative bag tag and a free round of golf, which he's no doubt looking forward to. To sweeten the feat, this was Kevin's first round in Canada since returning from Omaha, Nebraska, where he'd been stationed with the Canadian military, and is his second career ace. Nice way to start your retirement, Mr. Bryski!
Mona Azzi Mona Azzi. On June 24th, 2017 at Club de golf Gatineau, Mona scored a ONE! This was her first-ever hole-in-one and the incredible feat was made on hole #3 with her five-wood and a Srixon SF Lady ball at a distance of 130-yards. The ace was witnessed by playing partners Kathy Logan, Marie Lusson and Judy Logan. To top it off, this was Mona's best-ever game of golf. Well done, young lady!
Brenda Kirwan Brenda Kirwan. On June 8th, 2017, while playing with the ClubEG Ladies League at ClubLink's Hautes Plaines, Brenda cans a Titleist DT TrueSoft on the 125-yard hole #7 with her 7-wood. What started out as a typical Thursday outing with the ladies just got better and better for this sharp-shooter since June 8th was her 59th birthday. In her role as Onsite Coordinator for the league, she was in the final group when she stepped up and pulled off the miracle. The weather was perfect (for a change) -- sunny and warm with a bit of a breeze -- and she launched the ball with her custom-club to the elevated green across the ravine and it went straight at the stick, landed at the front of the green, rolled forward and vanished. Brenda's playing partner, Heidi Strackholder, said "OMG that went in the hole!", followed by Mona Schuller repeating the statement. Brenda herself had thought it must have rolled off the back of the green so she was more than delighted when she looked in the cup and saw it! This was Brenda's first-ever hole-in-one, but may it not be her last. In honour of the miraculous feat, Hautes Plaines management provided Brenda with a souvenir crested pin flag which was signed by all of the league participants, then treated everyone to a beverage of their choice. Well done, young lady!
Bruce Muldoon Bruce Muldoon. On November 14th, 2016 at Hammond Golf Course in Hammond, Ontario, Bruce cans his ball on the 13-yard 5th hole with his trusty 8-iron. Congratulations on your first career ace!
Harvey McCue Harvey McCue. On September 2nd, 2016 at Pine View's Championship Course, Harvey ace's the tricky 12th hole with his 7-iron and a Titleist ProV1 at a distance of 152-yards. This was Harvey's first-ever hole-in-one and the terrific shot was witnessed by fellow ClubEG Members Scott Eaton, Rob Millar and Steven Turner. Congratulations, sir!
Don McClymont Donald McClymont. On June 30, 2016, Don makes his first-ever ace on Metcalfe's 5th hole. This beauty was made with his six iron from a distance of 132-yards. The shot was witnessed by fellow ClubEG Members Claude and Lillian Major, and Randy Platt. Congratulations, Donald!
Todd Harries Todd Harries. On May 10, 2016 playing at the Canadian Golf & Country Club in a ClubEG Champion's League event, Todd aced the difficult 144-yard 16th hole with his Adams #4 hybrid and Callaway ball. This was Todd's first hole in one and was witnessed by Brian Kebic, Daniel Crepeau and Earl Dooley. Hitting into a stiff breeze,with the pin tucked on the edge of a sand trap, the ball hit the green and rolled into the cup. Congratulations and well done, sir!
Bill Wild Bill Wild. On January 23, 2016, this long-time ClubEG Member makes his trip to California a little extra memorable. This terrific golf shot occurred at Terra Lago, Palm Springs, on the 17th hole at a distance of 110 yards with a pitching wedge and Srixon ball. Bill claims Terra Lago is a "nice place to golf in January", and apparently he's right. Congratulations, sir!
Steve Ryan Steve Ryan. On December 12, 2015, in a late-season Slammer Tour event at Falcon Ridge's Raceview course, Steve "Stevie Ray" Ryan sunk his tee shot on the 115-yard 8th hole. The tees were up a bit, measuring 90-yards from the elevated tee into a stiff December wind, but Steve pured the Maltby Pitching Wedge (thanks GolfWorks!), hitting it high and landing it softly about two feet short of the cup. The feat was witnessed by playing partners Bobo, Tesla and X-Man, and fellow Slammer Tour players on the 9th tee box.
Cecil Sirjoosingh. On October 2nd, 2015, while playing a Slammer Tour match-play event, this man lived up to his nickname "Ace" by canning his Titleist ProV1 on the 4th hole of Manderley's central course. This great feat was performed from a distance of 124-yards with a 7-iron into a stiff and cool two-club breeze. This was Cecil's first ace after 38 years of effort and, although he did not win any of his three matches, he did indeed perform the perfect golf shot, as witnessed by playing partners Habib, Irons and Steel Crazy. Well done, sir!
Som Souannhaphanh Som Souannhaphanh. On September 20th, 2015 at the Gatineau Golf Club, Som hit the perfect golf shot with his 9-iron on the tricky 8th at 141-yards. It was cool and sunny—perfect morning golf weather—but after watching his two playing partners Harvey Hum and Terry Chin pull their shots left in a cross wind, Som figured he'd show them how it's done. He adjusted his aim to the right and hit a high draw directly at the flag, but with the big mound at the front of the green, he couldn't see the hole from the tee. As they approached the green, there was no ball in sight causing Som some consternation. He went to grab his wedge, thinking the Titleist ProV1x must be burried in the rough, but then heard one of his buddies screaming and jumping up and down at the hole. Even better than the ace itself, Som enjoyed watching the reactions of these two grown men. Well done, Som!
Kathleen Hamilton Kathleen Hamilton. On Saturday, August 8th, 2015 at Perth Links, Kathleeen make a perfect shot on the 94-yard par-three third hole with her 8-iron hybrid. Hitting over the water, the ball landed in front of the green, rolled up and tracked perfectly with a slight bend! The feat was witnessed by her husband, Al, and a threesome on the next hole. This was Kathleen's first-ever ace, so congratulations!
Art Jaques Art Jaques. On July 30th, 2015 at eQuinelle Golf Club in Kemptville, Art aced the 155-yard 3rd hole with his 7-iron and a Callaway HXHDT PRO. It was a warm summer afternoon with a light breeze, and Art demonstrated the perfect golf shot to his two playing partners, Bob Sebastien and Peter Howes. Once hit, the ball flew directly at the flag, landed about 5-feet short and rolled directly into the hole. After 25-years of golf, this was Art's first hole-in-one. Congratulations, sir!
Savo Markovic Savo Markovic. On July 24, 2015 while playing a Slammer Tour Doggie Extravaganza event under the lights at Thunderbird Sports Centre in Kanata, Savo, aka Tesla, aced the 7th hole! The miraculous feat was achieved with a Mizuno 9-iron and a Callaway ball, and was witnessed by playing partners Allen McGee, Luci Leblanc, Jordan MacWilliam and Hunter McGee. According to reports, the ball went straight, landed in front of the green, rolled forward and simply vanished. Hunter, aka Pickle, said "I think that went in" and Allen confirmed it. Savo played the next hole with the same ball and almost lost it in the dark, so once found, he marked it and put in his bag as a keepsake. Great shot, Savo!
Lisa Muise. On June 25th, 2015 at Stonebridge, Lisa "IronMaiden" Muise canned her Titleist ProV1 on the 15th hole with her 8-iron at a distance of 124 yards. This was an after-work round with fellow Slammer Tour Member, Roddy "PriorJock" Gilks, who witnessed the ball falling into the hole. It was 8:15pm as she was nearing the end of her round when Lisa put down her 7-iron and went with the 8-iron. The ball landed 3-4 yards in front of the pin, bounced, rolled and disappeared. Nice club selection young lady!
Reg Woods Reg Woods. On June 24, 2015 at Casselview Golf & Country Club, Reg drained his NIke ball on the 5th hole at a distance of 144 yards with his 7-wood. At 70 years of age, this was Reg's first-ever ace. Well done, sir!
Kevin Bryski Kevin Bryski. On May 24, 2015 at Willow Lakes Golf Course in Omaha, Nebraska, Kevin aced the 11th hole at 192-yards with an X22 Callaway 4-iron and a Titleist ProV1. This was his first-ever hole-in-one and was witnessed by a golf buddy and his wife, Michelle. The tees were back and the pin was at the back of the green, so he did not get the pleasure of seeing the ball drop into the hole. Incredibly, the day before his feat, Kevin witnessed a golf colleague get his own first-ever hole-in-one on the same course (hole #3), so it must have been destiny. Congratulations, Kevin!
Bill Shipley. On October 26, 2014 at Hammond Golf & Country Club, Bill drained his "experienced" Pro V1 with his four-iron on the 182-yard 13th hole. It was a cold and cloudy day and Bill was playing with his wife, Carole, in a match-play game against the dynamic duo of Mike Verville & Nancy Gray. Bill and Carole went from one-down to one-up in spite of their late charge. Unfortunately (or fortunately for Bill), the lounge was closed when they finished the round, but Bill acknowledges that he still owes his buddies a drink to make it official. Congrats, Bill!
Alan Sauve Alan Sauve. On July 25th, 2014 at Dragonfly Golf Links in Renfrew, Alan aced the tough #13 at a distance of 198-yards, canning his Noodle with his 7-wood. He was fortunate to have been joined by Dragonfly member, Kris Barrie, who witnessed the remarkable feat, after having played the front nine on his own. Neither golfer saw the ball drop, but Kris had followed it as best he could and suggested there was a good chance it had gone in. This was Alan's first hole-in-one after 44 years of golf, and he was lucky enough to have had his photo taken, with four Dragonfly Girls, and see it posted on Facebook and Twitter. Congratulations!
Ray Power Ray Power. On October 1st, 2014 at Stonebridge, long-time ClubEG Member Ray cans #15 with his six-hybrid at a distance of 144-yards, into the wind. This great shot was witnessed by Reg Phillips, Tom Phillips and David Last. Congratulations, sir!
Paul Tessier Paul Tessier. On September 24th at Casselview, Paul gets the first-ever ace on the course's redesigned #14, which had just been converted from a par-four to a par-three. At 162-yards, Paul performed the miraculous feet with his six-ron and, according to Casselview's own stats, this was the 1,250th attempt at the shot since the hole had opened for play just 12-days earlier. Congratulations, Paul!
Kathy Logan Kathy Logan. On August 25th, 2014, at Cedarhill Golf & Country Club, Kathy, aka Kaki, aced the 5th hole at 118-yards. Playing with fellow ClubEG Club members Lana MacKenzie and Mona Azzi, and fresh off a first-star outing with the Slammer Tour five days earlier at Metcalfe where she went 3-0-0 and won a skin, Kathy canned her Dunlop ball with her trusty 7-iron. Congratulations, Kathy!
Mike Therien Mike Therien. On August 4th, 2014 at Talon at GreyHawk, Mike sinks his tee shot on the 171-yard #12 with his five hybrid and Bridgestone 330S ball. Playing in a Slammer Tour event with fellow competitors DJD, PointZero and Gru, this was Mike's second ace in three years and the feat earned him the $680 hole-in-one jackpot. This was Mike's, aka Sunny's, third lifetime ace—not including mini-putt—and word on the street is that he's considering stealing the Slammer nicknames "Ace" and/or "Lucky". Congratulations, Sunny, and thanks for the beer!
Guy Caron Guy Caron. On June 11, 2014 at Gatineau Golf Club, Guy, aka "BigGuy", aced the 165-yard 10th hole with a five-wood and a Callaway Dx ball. This great feat was achieved during a Slammer Tour match-play event and was witnessed by playing partners John Davies (Steel Crazy) and Tony George (Big T). The ball landed about eight feet left of the pin and rolled right into to the cup "Sweeeeeeeet"!
Shayne Sadaka Shayne T. Sadaka. On June 7th, 2014 at The Marshes, Shayne aces he 17th with a 156-yard 8-iron and a Titleist ball. Shayne, aka HawkEye, was playing a Slammer Tour event with BigTee, Dr Pepper and KidsClub, and thought he had hit the ball too well, worried it had rolled off the back of the green when it disappeared from sight. The ball landed just over the front green-side bunker, took a big bounce and then another, and then dropped in the cup. Shayne'e playing partners told him it was in the hole but he didn't believe it until he took it out of the hole. For this remarkable feat, Shayne won a Culligan Doggie. Congtatulations, sir!
Johanne Diotte Johanne Diotte. On May 17, 2014 at Les Vieux Moulins, Johanne aces the 120-yard 5th hole with her 3-wood and Dunlop ball. Apparently, she was asked, "Why would you use a wood on a 120-yard par 3?" The pin was at the back of the green and the wind was in her face and she hit the ball clean and watched it go up high, land in front of the hole and trickle towards it, then disappear. She and her playing partners, fellow ClubEG Members Erin Morin and Richard Fontaine (EastCoaster), as well as her friend Colin Kerr, rushed to the hole to find Johanne's ball resting at the bottom of the cup. Congratulations, Chicklets!
Rodney Pucci Rodney Pucci. On May 14, 2014 at Le Sorcier in Gatineau, Rodney hit a gap wedge on the 134-yard 9th hole and sank his Callaway Hex Hot Pro ball. Admiittedly, he hit it a "little fat" but was given a very friendly members' bounce towards the green, and then he watched it roll onto the green and into cup! The cart girl and a course marshal were sitting green-side and witnessed the miraculous feat. Congratulations, Rodney!
Martin Boyer Martin Boyer. On February 27th, 2014 during a ClubEG Golfaway to Myrle Beach, Martin, aka Gru, aced the 175-yard rd with a three-iron and Callaway ball after playing a Slammer Tour event. Not content with his good round of 83 on the neighbouring Legends Moorland course that day, at the end of a fabulous week with fellow Slammers and ClubEG members, Martin went out for a replay on the Parkland course with playing partner Allen McGee, the best player on the Slammer Tour, and it turned out to be a rewarding replay! Facing a brisk head-wind and cool weather, he hit the three-iron well on a perfect line at the pin, the ball hit the green about five-feet in front of the pin and rolled in for a holapalooza!!! This was Martin's first and only career hole-in-one, so far, and his card was signed by Allen McGee, the Ottawa-Gatineau region's best player and an all-around great guy. Congratulations, Gru!
Lisa Muise Lisa Muise. On September 14th, 2013, during a Slammer Tour event at Manderley on the Green, IronMaiden stepped up to the 147-yard #4 North and hit her Callaway Solaire with a 5-wood at 8:45 in the morning. The ball hit the front of the green, 10-feet short of the pin, took two bounces, hit the stick and dropped in the hole. Her playing partners, PizzaMan, Stymie and Duke were not only impressed with the shot itself — but that the feat was a superfecta with Lisa winning the hole, scoring a skin and a doggie, and taking home the $400 that had accumulated in the hole-in-one jackpot. Well done, young lady!
Terry Chin Terry Chin. On Wednesday, September 4th, Terry made his first-ever ace on #8 at eQuinelle Golf Club. Playing into a stiff breeze, at a distance of 154-yards, Terry hit a 27-degree hybrid, perfectly, and his Noodle landed about six-feet from the hole and rolled in. The miraculous feat only took him 16-years of effort and was witnessed by three members of eQquinelle. Congratulations, Terry!
Daniel Marstel Daniel Marstel. On Thursday, July 18th during a Slammer Tour event at The Marshes, Daniel, aka Flyer, aces the short but treacherous #8! At a distance of 118-yards, Daniel actually hit it about 133-yards with just the perfect amount of bite, as the ball sucked back into the cup. The great feat was witnessed by fellow Slammers Bdub, NumberTwoSon and F6Noob. A thing of beauty to watch for sure... congratulations, Flyer!
Dennis Blackie. On July 15, 2013, at Norway Bay Golf Club in Québec, Slammer Tour Member "Bubba" drains his Srixon on the other end of his Callaway F-9 driver at a distance of 270-yards. Call it an ace or an albatross, this great feat occurred on the dog-leg 9th hole — and was especially timely since this was Dennis' last round of the year, since he's scheduled to have an operation on his right hand. The remarkable shot was witnessed by his wife, Mrs. Bubba, who was first to find the ball in the hole. This is one golfer who will be back for more once the bandages come off!
Jean-Pierre Allard Jean-Pierre Allard. Again? Yes indeed, on July 3rd, 2013, at Gatineau Golf Club, JP makes his third career ace — just over a month after his second one at Chateau Cartier in late May. His great July feat ocurred on #8 with a choked-down 8-iron from 120-yards out and a Nike ball. The ball landed 12-feet from the pin and rolled in the hole. Although he was playing solo, nobody doubts him because, after all, golf is a game of honour. Congratulations, again, JP — but please save some for the rest of us!
Enzo Frangione. On Monday, July 1st, 2013, at Chateau Cartier in Gatineau, Enzo aces the tough #3 with a Titleist. The hole was playing at 165-yards, with a slight left to right breeze, but he knew he had the right club when he struck the ball with his seven-wood, and he claims he knew it was in as soon as it hit the green. Happy Canada Day, Enzo!
Jason Brown. On July 1st, 2013, on the 11th hole at Les Vieux Moulins in Gatineau, Jason canned his Noodle from 170-yards with his three hybrid — his first-ever hole-in-one! The pin was at the back of the green, playing about 180/185, and he thought nothing of it after the shot, but it landed on an up-slope on the green before starting to trail towards the hole, and it aparently stopped on the lip of the hole, like Tiger's 2005 Masters chip, before falling in the cup. Jason was playing with fellow golf buddies Shann Bosnell and Bobby Clarke. Yes, he bought the beer!
Bob Pepin (Pepilepu) Bob Pepin. On June 9th, 2013, just over one year from his last ace, Slammer Tour member Pepilepu does it again — this time on #10 at Pine View's executive course. Bob was playing with Terry Kuzma, Diane Foss and Bonnie in the Montgomery Legion Curling Tournament, and with #10 also being the closest-to-the-pin hole, he sure picked the perfect time to launch his Titleist DT Solo 98-yards with a pitching wedge to the bottom of the cup. Well done, Pepi!
Jean-Pierre Allard Jean-Pierre Allard. On May 27th, 2013 at Château Cartier on the 18th hole, JP cans his Titleist from 115-yards out... into a very stiff breeze. This was his second ace of his career with the first on September 15th, 2010 on Château Montebello's 13th. For his second, the ball sliced through the wind, hit the green 14-16 inches from the pin, and rolled into the cup. Unfortunately, JP was playing solo and in a quest for witnesses, he screamed with glee, hoping to attract attention from the first tee box, but could not draw a witness. No worries, sir: we believe you. Congratulations!
Diane Foss Diane Foss. On Thursday, February 28, 2013, while playing a Slammer Tour event during the annual ClubEG Myrtle Beach get-a-way, Diane, aka Pearls, aced the island green par-3 112 yard 17th hole. The wind was directly in her face and strong, hence her choice of a Nancy Lopez 6 hybrid from her new set to conquer the hole. The ball looked great off the tee and after landing on the green, it rolled directly toward the hole and disappeared. Her ace was confirmed when BearCat and ZenGirl looked beyond the hole and Gazziff looked in the cup and confirmed the ball within. It was the first ever hole-in-one for Diane, a rookie on the Slammer Tour who has played golf for 30 years. Congratulations!
Michael Muise (PizzaMan) Michael Muise. On Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at Scottsdale's Troon North course during the Mixed Indoor League at GOLFOMAX, Mike (aka PizzaMan) makes the perfect shot, lunging him up to #1 on the leaderboard. The miraculous feat occurred on hole #7, playing 157 yards and Mike canned it with his 7-iron. The snow hadn't yet started so he had a clear view of the pin — and most ominously, it all happened on lucky simulator #7. Nice shot Pizza!
Mike Therien. On Friday, October 5th, 2012, while playing a Slammer Tour event at eQuinelle Golf Club in Kemptville, Mike (aka Sunny) cans his Nike 20Xi from 155-yards with a 6-iron on the third hole. This splendid feat occurred just one day before Mike placed 2nd in the 2012 ClubEG B-Class Club Championship and was witnessed by playing partners Turtle, DeeJay, Harley and a few cold Bud Lights. "Holy crap, it's in the hole!"
Bob Kunimoto Bob Kunimoto. On Thursday, July 26th, 2012, on hole #2 at the spectacular White Sands, while playing in the second event of the Slammer Tour's 2012 Doggie Extravaganza — Bob, aka KidsClub, pured a pitching wedge which hit just in front of the green, took one bounce and rolled into the hole. This was Bob's first-ever ace and the feat was witnessed by six fellow Slammers. Welcome to the club, young man!
Bob Lobban Bob Lobban. On Saturday, May 5th, 2012, on hole #2 of Pine View's Executive Course, Bob pures a 99-yard pitching wedge with an unknown brand of golf ball. The group had decided to play "dog meat" on the hole so Bob decided to make the most of it as he stepped up and drained the shot! Playing partners Lee Zomer, Carol Walton and Jeff Walton looked at each other and said: "Guess we know who wins this hole!" Although closest-to-the-pin was the game, they chose to not seek a ruling as to whether in-the-hole technically counted. Bob got a round of applause from the foursome ahead of the group — and rightfully so. Congratulations, sir!
Bob Pepin (Pepilepu) Bob Pepin. On Saturday, May 5th, 2012, while playing on the Slammer Tour, Pepilepu steps up to the 188-yard, par-three #8 at Lombard Glen and "let it fly" — "it" being a ProV1 launched with a three-wood into the wind. To the amazement of playing partners Lucky, BigTee and Eeyore, the ball drifted nicely through the air, landed softly on the green, rolled up to the flag and dropped out of sight. Congratulations, Bob, on this spectacular feat — and your fellow Slammers thank you for the round of cold Bud Lights!
Terry Kuzma (Cuba) Terry Kuzma. On October 23, while playing on the Slammer Tour during the 2011 Smuggler's Glen Golfaway, Terry cans his Titleist on the 108-yard 16th hole with his Taylor Made pitching wedge. Cuba, as he is known on the Tour, had played his pitching wedge the previous day: 8-yards too long when the hole played 100 yards. He was 3rd on the tee the next day, and with no evident wind, the club selection was obvious. The ace was witnessed by fellow Slammers Popeye, Burnsy and Dr. U., as Terry lofted the ball smoothly and just left of the left pin position. It hit the fringe and released 10 feet to the cup and dropped softly to its final resting position in the bottom of the cup. The ball was ultimately tucked safely into the jewelry pocket of Cuba's golf bag, next to his wallet which contained no cash, credit or debit cards. Great shot Mr. Kuzma!
Gord Pickup Gord Pickup. On October 22, also during the 2011 Smuggler's Glen Golfaway, Gord aces the 128-yard 16th hole with his 8-iron! Because it was a shotgun event, it was the last hole (and getting dark) but Gord, the last to hit in his group, smacked his Callaway a little left of the hole and thought it went just past the pin... but playing partners Ian and Randeen Campbell, along with Gord's wife Donna let out a great yell: "It's in the hole!" Splendid shot, Gord!
Dennis Blackie. On September 27, 2011, at Copperdale Golf Club, Slammer Tour Member Bubba65 aces his second par-four in just two years! Witnessed by playing partner, Larry Demers, Dennis launched his Callaway ball with a driver on #14, but, being so far away, never had the pleasure of seeing the ball drop in the hole. Congratulations, sir!
Bill Philip. On Saturday, September 24, 2011, recent grandpa and long-time Slammer Tour Member, PingMan, cans his tee shot on #12 on Saint Raphael's red course. Bill's spectacular feat was made with a 7-iron and a Titleist ball from a distance of 142 yards. Congratulations, Bill, and may you again some day make a perfect golf shot!
John Phillips John Phillips. On Wednesday, August 3, 2011, at Cedar Glen, ClubEG Member and the Slammer Tour's "The TinMan" aces the 75-yard #6 with his lob wedge! The perfect shot was made during the Golf Fore The Cure scramble in support of breast cancer research, and was witnessed by John's significant other, Cheryl Lowe, and two other ladies. In John's own words, "Both of my female partners went over the green so I decided to show them how it's supposed to be done. The ball hit the green, rolled up and made a slight dip. There it sat, half in the hole, resting against the pin. We were all in disbelief." Neverthelss, it was indeed in the hole so welcome, John, to the exclusive club of people with a one on their scorecard!
John Nightingale John Nightingale. On Sunday, July 10th, 2011 at the home of the Ottawa Sun Scramble's Championship Sunday, Eagle Creek, John makes the third ace of his career, and his second this year! The perfect golf shot was made from 135 yards across the pond on #4 with an 8-iron and a Pro V1. Hey John, save some for the rest of us! Congrats, sir!
Dave Newman Dave Newman. On Thursday, June 23, 2011 at eQuinelle, Dave gets his second hole-in-one to date! Playing 155 entirely over water, he drains his Titleist on #8 with a perfectly struck 5-iron. Congratulations, again, Mr. Newman!
Pat Grenier Pat Grenier. On Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at Club de golf Outaouais (Rockland), Pat cans the 140-yard #8 West with a gap wedge an a ProV1. The pin was at the back of the green and legend has it the ball landed five feet from the stick, took one hop and down it went. Congratulations for your perfect golf shot, Mr. Grenier!
Lisa Muise Lisa Muise. On Sunday, March 6, 2011, during Slammer Tour Indoor League action at GOLFOMAX, Lisa creates history with the league's first-ever ace! IronMaiden, as she's known on the Tour, records not only the league's first-ever ace, but her own first-ever ace as well (and eagle!). It was on hole #5, a 179-yard par-three and after leaving the face of her 5-wood, the ball flies the front bunker, bounces off the front rough and onto the green, rolls 35 feet right to left, hits the pin and drops in the cup! Congratulations Maiden!
Peter Grant (Akeem) Peter Grant. On February 22, 2011, playing St. Andrews during week #10 of the Mixed Indoor League, Peter scores the first-ever ace of the leagues history! At 179 yards from the pin, Slammer Tour veteran Peter cued up his 4-hybrid and sank it for a one! League members watched in awe at the replay as the ball landed on the fringe, took two bounces, rolled towards the pin and dropped in the cup. Five extra points for you, sir... Well done!!!
Jerry Stewart Jerry Stewart. On November 7th, 2010, at the wonderful Prescott Golf Club, the Slammer Tour's long-time top contender finally makes the perfect shot! It was on the modified par-four #2, which was temporarily converted to a 150-yard par-three while under construction, so Jerry hit a three-quarter 7-iron (to control the spin) and the ball trickled to and appeared to stop on the lip. Jerry buried his head in his hands at the thought of coming so close to making his first-ever ace, until playing partner David McBain announced: "It's in! It's In!" Jerry proceeded to hook his ace ball OB but still bought a big round on the 19th. Congratulations, Jerry!
Eric Bourbonnais Eric Bourbonnais. On October 3rd, 2010, at Kingsway Park in Gatineau, Quebec, Eric aced the 155-yard second hole with his Callaway 8-iron Dunlop Loco ball! It was a bullet, directly on the pin, but due to a plethora of "white fluffy things on the fairway and green" - coming from the trees - Eric nor his playing partners, Antoni Viau and and fellow ClubEG Member Sylvain Boudreault had any idea where the ball actually was. As they approached the green, they still could not find the ball and it was when Eric saw his ballmark 6-inches in front of the cup that what had happened actually sunk in. Congrats, Eric. on your perfect golf shot!
Dennis Blackie Dennis Blackie. On July 30, 2010, at Le Sorcier in the Gatineau Hills, Slammer Tour Member Bubba65 cans it on the 336-yard par-four 6th hole. It's a tree-lined dog-leg so Dennis didn't have the pleasure of witnessing his perfectly-driven Pro V1 drop into the cup. Amazing shot Bubba65!
Jake Therien. On June 23, 2010, while playing with a buddy and two club members at ClubLink's Kanata Golf Club, Slammer Tour Member SunnyBoy cans his TaylorMade Penta on the 118-yard 16th hole with an 8-iron. The greatness didn't end there, either, because Jake also shot his career best on that memorable day: 78. Word has it that the beer tasted extra fine that day. Congratulations, Jake, may you have many more such moments of greatness!
Glen Quinn Glen Quinn. On May 30, 2010, at Sumac Grove in Pembroke, Ontario, ClubEG Member Glen Quinn scores his second career ace, this time on the 104-yard 4th hole. Glen watched his TaylorMade ball drop into the cup after an obviously perfect shot with his gap wedge. Truly amazing, congratulations Glen!
Mike Doyon. On May 29, 2010, at Smuggler's Glen Golf & Country Club, Mike Doyon, a.k.a. DoyZee on the Slammer Tour, sinks a 212-yard 4-iron on the 5th hole with a Nike One Tour. It was a high shot that bounced once and rolled for five feet until it came to rest in the cup. Mike's ace was witnessed by Angela, his girlfriend and caddy. That's the stuff, sir!
Chad Bellerdine. On Sunday, May 23, 2010 at Hammond Golf & Country Club, Slammer Tour Member HomeSlice cans his Titleist NX Tour with a wedge from 145 yards! After the shot, howling winds and a massive rain storm caused a 30-minute delay in play so Chad didn't even realize the ball was in the hole until they returned and his playing partner, LeeZee, took the honour of pulling the ball out of the hole. Congratulations, sir!
Alex Kunadze. On April 24, 2010 on The Marshes 150-yard #12, long-time member of the Slammer Tour, "Ruskie", hits a TaylorMade TP Black with his six-iron 10 feet left of the pin and the ball took the slope and rolled into the hole. Congratulations, Alex, for the first ace of 2010!
Kabir Ahuja Kabir Ahuja. On September 30, 2009, at Oakville Executive's #11, Kabir hits a Callaway Warbird with his five-iron — precisely 176 yards to a blind pin — and never had the pleasure of seeing it drop into the hole. "There was a mound in front of the green. I could see the flag but not the cup. When I got to the green I thought I'd lost the ball because it wasn't in sight. But then a playing partner jokingly asked: 'Did you check the cup?'" Low and behold. that's where it was! Word on the street was that, yes, Kabir bought a round of drinks at the clubhouse. Great shot, sir!
Andrew Rajhathy. On August 27th, 2009, ClubEG's "Aspiring Pro" and Slammer Tour member "Malone", playing at Stonebridge Golf & Country Club, hits a 9-iron four-feet past the hole on the 138-yard par-three 15th, and sucked it back into the cup. This tremendous shot was his first career ace, was witnessed by his foursome, his neighbour and a crowd of Stonebridge residents, and led Andy to a tidy 68 for the day. Congratulations, sir!
Marcel Desilets. On August 8th, 2009, just two days after his 58th birthday, playing his 29th hole of the day at Bearbrook Golf Club, Marcel "Toro" Desilets cuts the corner and cans the shot with a driver on the 242 par four 11th hole. Unaware of the miraculous feat, Marcel searches the greenside rough until playing partner Lisa "IronMaiden" Muise peeks in the hole en route to the back of the green and spots his Titleist Pro V1. Marcel's other playing partner and witness was Michael "PizzaMan" Muise. This was Marcel's second ace, although the first was on a par-three. Welcome back to the club, sir!
Randy Seymour. On Sunday, July 5th, 2009, playing his first round after a lesson from Graham Gunn at White Sands, Randy steps up to the 179 yard 10th hole, hits his Pro V1x with his "trusty" Canadian Tire #4 Hybrid, high with a gentle draw, and the ball lands left of the hole and slips into the cup for his first-ever ace. Randy went on to shoot a two-under 33 on the back nine at Pine Ridge in Brighton, Ontario. This was Randy's best nine ever (no doubt about that!). Randy's ace was witnessed by his father-in-law, "The Wind", and his brother-in-law. Congratulations sir!
Carl Mason. On Monday, May 18th, 2009, Carl aced the 154-yard 12th hole at The Marshes - "into a stiff breeze". This is the first hole-in-one of 2009 for an ClubEG Member, that we know of, and Carl's first, so congratulations and welcome to The ClubEG Hall of Fame!
Lee Zomer. On August 11th, 2008 at Les Vieux Moulins, Lee takes her five-wood and cans it on the 140-yard par-three 11th hole. The ace was witnessed by playing partners Mark Bellerdine, Cory Bellerdine and Bob Lobban. Congratulations Lee!
Andrew Miles. On Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 on the 175-yard par-three #3 at Château Cartier Resort in Gatineau, Québec, Andrew drains his Top Flite Balata with a Cobra 5-iron. According to legend, Mr. Miles knew he hit it good and didn't even bother to look until playing partner and fellow Slammer Tour member, ProZee, began screaming with excitement as the ball bounced twice and dropped in the hole.
Jean Laperriere. On August 20th, 2007 on the 158-yard par-three #16 on Pine View's Championship course, Jean scores his first-ever ace with his #5 TaylorMade rescue club.
Dale Dorion. On June 17th, 2007 on the 162-yar par 3 #11 at Eagle Creek Golf Club, "TanMan" drains a solid 7 iron shot during regular Slammer Tour play. Some say his special cap may be what brought the good luck!
Juan Pablo Zamora Zapata, after only having played the game for three years, drained a 109-yard wedge at Marchwood's 2nd hole on June 12th.
Karl Parks. On November 12, 2006 on the 274-yard par 4 14th hole at Casselview Golf & Country Club, "Fuzzy" went for the green with his provisional and put it in the hole for a bird (and a skin!) The miraculous feat was achieved during regular Slammer Tour play.
Francis Ng. On September 27th, 2006 at Upper Canada Golf Course, Francis aces the 120 yard 3rd hole with a pitching wedge. Francis has only been playing golf for five years, making this hole-in-one that much extra special!
Roch Lalande. On August 27, 2006 during round two of The Ottawa Sun Scramble City Championship, Roch cut a Titleist ProV1 with a five-iron over the water on #4 at Eagle Creek to a back-left position. He didn't even see the 175 yard ace drop because of the heavy rain!
Keerthi Weerasooriya. On Friday, April 14, 2006, during a Slammer Tour event, Keerthi draws a 115 yard wedge and drains it on the 14th hole at Lombard Glen near Smiths Falls, Ontario.
Elsie Boudreau. On Tuesday, August 2, 2005, ClubEG member Elsie aces the 130-yard 9th at Le Sorcier in Gatineau, Québec, with her pitching wedge.
Brian Bonner. On June 30, 2003, Slammer Tour member Brian "Boomerang" Bonner hit a 9-iron, pure and high and as straight as an arrow to Hammond Golf Club's 135 yard 7th green. Brian's ball landed on the green, rolled slowly but straight ahead, hit the pin and dropped in the cup, setting up an excellent front-nine 37.
Steve Ryan. On Saturday, August 10, 2002 on the 2nd hole at Trillium Wood in Belleville, Ontario, Steve cans a 132 yard 8-iron. The ace was scored during the Slammer Tour Ryder Cup event with a Dunlop Steelcore.
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